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Okay so I set up a side blog a few weeks ago to catalog all of my comics. I’m going to redo it and reformat. I just have to say, Thank you to all the tumblr folk that have influenced my comic buying, have been unknowing guru’s or in four cases amazing to the fans of their works. I have a lot of feelings today and I just… need to get this out. Each person has their own reason to be on the list. I 

So a quick thanks for being awesome to the following people. Pinkloki {my enabler} , whatthepatrick {enabler #2} , Flatbear {Tumblr Comic Guru #1, all hail all of your ask posts}, marchingjaybird {Tumblr Comic Guru #2, you made me love Bobbi Morse EVEN MORE THAN I DID}, vengerturtle {Comic Guru #3, I love going through your spoilers on wednesday after I get my books read} , kellysue {One of my favorite current authors, Carol Danvers is quickly becoming my favorite kree/human} , mattfractionblog {HAWKGUY, THINGS, COINING FEELS TERRORISTS} , kierongillen {I adore your Young Avengers run, to bits} , Jamie mckelvie {Your art is FANTASTIC} and everyone who puts up with my comics reblogs.